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Article | Tue December 20, 2016, 01:01 PM EST

  • Anthony Munger, Spirit Guide / mixologist, Knife

    Anthony Munger, Spirit Guide / mixologist, Knife

December 20, 2016 -- Anthony Munger literally and figuratively, has alcohol running through his bloodline. He comes from a long line bootleggers, bar owners, and a giggling grandmother in his hometown of Waterloo, Iowa who always kept homemade schnapps in the door of her refrigerator for company. 

While many kids mowed lawns as their first job or drew an allowance, Anthony had a tip jar. Taking a cue from his heritage, he bartended his parents’ parties and earned tips from opening Zima bottles. 

Anthony's first jobs involved fast food, chain restaurants, and an extended stint at a truck stop diner until he worked for a white tablecloth restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was there that he pleaded his case to be allowed to bartend professionally. In his first moments as a bartender, a bottle of sparkling wine shattered in his left hand. Determined to do what he loved, he wrapped is hand in a linen napkin and poured drinks before getting stitches six hours later.

Anthony moved on to be a bar manager and create beverage programs for bistros and hotels around the Iowa City area. His influence there is still present, as they continue to serve his cocktails 10 years later.

Following a flood that ravaged his city, Anthony worked as a bartender and mixologist for private events before moving to Chicago in 2011. Since then, he has been a bartender and beverage director for bars that range from neighborhood haunts to Michelin-rated restaurants. His recipes have earned him various awards and have been featured by the Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Jack Daniel’s, and Sobieski Vodka.

In November of 2015, Anthony began working behind the bar at Fork and has been developing the bar and the cocktail program for Fork’s highly anticipated sister restaurant, Knife Steak & Seafood.

Article | Tue December 20, 2016, 01:01 PM EST

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