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Article | Sat September 30, 2017, 08:07 PM EST

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  • Giovannie Espiritu as Gin on DykeCentral

    Giovannie Espiritu as Gin on DykeCentral

    Giovannie Espiritu as Gin on DykeCentral

October 01, 2017 -- Giovannie Espiritu displays both her feminine and masculine sides at the Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival.

Actor and filmmaker Giovannie Espiritu had two films screening at Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival. In one short film, “Paranormal Huntresses,” Giovannie plays Janna, a femme presenting bisexual that convinces her friends to start a “lady ghost hunting company” with no prior experience, and in the other film, Florencia Manovil's pilot episode of “DykeCentral,” a dramady about a group of queer friends in Oakland, she plays a masculine-of-center good-natured lothario named Gin.

Even though the DykeCentral series was featured in After Ellen, BuzzFeed, and Curve Magazine as a top lesbian series to watch, amassed a cult following on different digital media platforms including Revry, and screened at many festivals before (including Frameline and Outfest) - Espiritu hardly gets recognized at film festivals, even after the filmmaker panel sessions where she is introduced as the series lead. 

In her other role, as Janna in “Paranormal Huntresses,” the audience tends to make the connection much easier since Janna presents closer to who Espiritu is in real life. Espiritu produced and edited, “Paranormal Huntresses,” as a collaboration with longtime friend, Ilea Matthews, who starred in the “Kiss Her I’m Famous” series at Tello Films. They made a similar short six years ago as a way to get Matthews’ her SAG card, but along the way the footage was lost, and they decided to remake it when Espiritu moved to Los Angeles a year ago. 

“I guess it makes sense,” Espiritu says, “we are just in the beginning stages of accepting different gender expressions as a society, so there is still a cognitive disconnect when they see Gin on the screen and me in real life. I’m thankful that the conversation is happening and that more content is being produced that celebrates the beauty in diversity - it’s making the world become a more compassionate place.” 

DykeCentral will be screening again on September 30th at the Mary Pickford Theater in Cathedral City as a part of the Cinema Diverse: Best of the Fest WebOut screening.

Article | Sat September 30, 2017, 08:07 PM EST

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