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About Us


NEWSLINE360™ is a SaaS (Sofware as a Service) platform that builds you a newsroom and increases the visibility of your content. Here’s how. Once your newsroom is built (very quick to complete), you link to it from your website, just like you do with any of your social media channels – You can add a menu option to your existing website called ‘Newsroom’ and create a link to your newsroom. (ex. http://www.prairiegrasscafe.com – Left menu, click on NEWSROOM)

NEWSLINE360 Saves Time (time is money!) and Offers the Following Benefits:

  1. Your newsroom can have followers. Visitors simply click ‘FOLLOW US’ from your newsroom and your followers will be kept up to date of your posts & information.
  2. Your newsroom is connected to your social media in TWO ways (push & pull). First, we pull your social media channels into a single screen creating an overview of all your social channels at once. This way they don’t leave your page and not come back. Second, when create a post in your newsroom; you have the option to update your social media channels with your post at the same time! No more logging in separately to do a separate post of your information.
  3. Newsrooms can be pulled right into your Facebook page, making them visible to all your Facebook audience instantly. (Look in the left menu of this example: https://www.facebook.com/prairiegrasscafe - Newsroom).
  4. Your newsroom is connected to our Media Hub for Journalists where we have thousands of journalists in our database looking for information. Everything you post receives visibility through our media hub and is made searchable. Journalists can also set up notification filters to be notified of information they are looking for.
  5. Newsroom subscribers (starting at only $79/month!) receive monthly credits that are used to pitch the media directly through our PitchBoard. Send your press release directly to the media. With access to hundreds of thousands of media points, you can reach journalists in your industry in your town/city, state or country!
  6. Increased visibility through search results. Although we don’t like to make the claim, feedback we’ve been receiving is excellent increased visibility through search results. After all, we do have a lot of high profile authority sites linking to NEWSLINE360 which can certainly have an impact.

NEWSLINE360 increases your efficiency, streamlines your workflow and increase your online visibility with search engines, journalists (the media) and your customers.

No More Newsletters.
Many of our clients have realized they can stop publishing newsletters and reduce the associated costs, since their newsletter readers can now follow their newsroom and be updated as the news is posted.

Social Media Advantage.
Your newsroom pulls and displays your social media feeds on a single page of your newsroom. Your newsroom visitors don’t have to leave your newsroom to view your social media presence.   

With one click, your newsroom, in it’s entirety, is pulled directly into your Facebook page as a newsroom tab, making it available to your Facebook audience.

Directly Connected to Journalists and Bloggers.
Our Media Desk database contains thousands of media professionals covering a wide range of news beats. When you add content that applies to their beat, they are notified and can research your information.

This must cost thousands?
Nope. It costs less than a medium cappuccino per day, and for this low price you can add unlimited content to your newsroom.

NEWSLINE360™ for Multi-Brands

NEWSLINE360™ for Journalists

Setting Up A Professional Newsroom is Easy!