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Aaron Goldstein for Illinois Attorney General – “Justice for All”

Jan 01, 2018 | I’m Aaron Goldstein and I’m running for Illinois Attorney General to make bold progressive change, stand up to powerful interests, make lasting criminal justice reform, and fight government corruption. I know when we work together, we can take back our community and our state. And, that’s why I’m asking for you to join me.

Aaron Goldstein at West Point Missionary Baptist Church

Jan 01, 2018 | Dr. L. Bernard Jakes introduces Aaron Goldstein to the congregation and Aaron talks about his mission as Illinois Attorney General. Aaron quotes Deuteronomy ‘Justice, justice thou shalt pursue’

Aaron Goldstein at Reject The NRA Rally in Chicago (10/9/17) at Reject The NRA Rally, Chicago

Dec 28, 2017 | 5 years ago 26 young children were massacred in Newtown. While we wait for simple common sense gun regulation, Attorneys General should be looking at the gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA. No company should be allowed to put tools of death into our communities and not be held accountable. Video posted by Brenna O'Brien at Reject The NRA Rally in Chicago

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