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5 Fundamentals of Uncompromising Advocacy For Success for Personal Injury Litigation

It is critical to have a game plan when you do battle with big insurance to get money for a personal injury victims. Anthony Castelli of the Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli has boiled his brand of uncompromising advocacy to these 5 essentials. Read about them here.

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Document Publication | Mon May 01, 2017, 07:50 PM EST

The 5  Fundamentals of Uncompromising Advocacy as Formulated by Attorney Anthony Castelli

In the world of a personal injury lawyer there is no room for error. You either win for your client or you come up short. Not many that have truly litigated can claim they have never lost. But those that have survived and prospered for over 30 years, as Anthony Castelli has know certain basic truths that must be followed.

These truths and methods have not changed in 30 years of practice. Many think they can be a personal injury lawyer. They get the police report and gather a few records and bills. Then they go to mediation and try to force a settlement down their client's throat because the preparation to get big insurance to pay was not done.

If you are a personal injury victim take some time to read this to see if your lawyer is in the major leageues and can battle like a seasoned veteran. Or are they short changing you when your world depends on the best there is to offer. 

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Document Publication | Mon May 01, 2017, 07:50 PM EST

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