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Article | Mon July 31, 2017, 02:47 PM EST

  • George Bredeux, Angelo's Wine Bar Sommelier

    George Bredeux, Angelo's Wine Bar Sommelier

July 31, 2017 -- Having held prestigious positions at many distinguished restaurants during his impressive 24- year-long career, George Bredoux’s, Sommelier at Angelo’s Wine Bar, journey into the hospitality industry was unexpected.

Although he was born in Grenoble, France, Bredoux is the oldest of three sons born to a tribal king in the Ivory Coast. Due to his family’s wealth and the Ivory Coast’s close ties to France, Bredoux’s was sent to live with family friends who lived on the border of France and Switzerland to start his French education at just eight years old. Encouraged to pursue business, Bredoux interned for various insurance and mortgage companies during his later summers at home. Despite the fact he did not enjoy the finance industry, Bredoux decided to go to the United States to pursue a finance degree. In 1994, his aunt, an American citizen by marriage, secured him a visa.

Academics, however, did not satisfy Bredoux, who decided to make a career change and go into the hospitality industry, a somewhat familiar industry since his mom, step mom and uncle all owned restaurants back in the Ivory Coast. Bredoux started at Hotel Sofitel in Rosemont, Illinois, working in the hotel for five years before moving into the hotel’s dining room. There, as a requirement for servers, he took wine classes. These were his first introduction to wines and they became Bredoux’s passion. After four years, he left Hotel Sofitel to open the W where he spent 14 years, the last four years as a sommelier.

Additionally, he is known for his tenure at restaurants including The Lobby, The Peninsula Chicago’s award-winning restaurant, Trellis and the launch of Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse. Bredoux’s impressive résumé and growing reputation caught the eye of a former Angelo’s Wine Bar general manager who was recruiting new talent for the re-concepted restaurant’s opening.

Together they selected an extensive but meaningful wine list featuring wines each of which have their own distinct personality and can stand on their own without relying on fancy gimmicks. Perfect for sophisticated wine drinkers and novices alike, the wines are affordably, truly unique and simply taste good.

The Angelo’s wine list reflects Bredoux’s philosophy that wine isn’t a fancy drink only for the elite—it is for the everyday people who want to drink something delicious with their meal. “I want our guests to love the wine,” he says. His genuine desire for patrons to be interested in and know what they’re drinking is the reason he won’t serve flights or label a house wine. By eliminating menu distractions and lending his expert suggestions, Bredoux is helping diners look at the wine menu and find something they can truly enjoy.

Article | Mon July 31, 2017, 02:47 PM EST

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