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NEWSLINE360 media desk gives journalists access to news , contacts, high-resolution photos, video, audio, press releases and more

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Journalists and bloggers, receive only the new you want. Setup queries by subject, beat and geographic area, choose which newsrooms you want to follow and use NEWSLINE360's Journalists Asking Questions (JAQ) to privately connect and request information by industry category and geographic area. Keep reading to learn more about NEWSLNIE360.


About NEWSLINE360™

The NEWSLINE360 team is comprised of experienced media, public relations and technology professionals working to empower businesses and their agencies with the tools needed to gain exposure while maintaining their brand message. Every time news is published in the NEWSLINE360 platform—a press release, article, blog post, image, video, audio or document—it is made available to search engines which increases your online presence.

NEWSLINE360’s JAQ (Journalists Asking Questions) feature gives interested journalists the ability to query newsroom contacts privately, easily and with great flexibility. This friendly and productive dialogue will help ensure a stable relationship between your organization and the media.

NEWSLINE360's Pitchboard function gives newsroom owners the ability to directly pitch journalists that match their business industry and geographic area.

When your business is featured in the media, you can easily share the story to your newsroom, followers and social channels so your audience can read it and share it on their social channels.

To reach your customers and influencers, NEWSLINE360 is fully integrated—to and from—your social media. You can automatically update your social media channels whenever you post to your newsroom. Your social media feeds can also be beautifully displayed in your newsroom. Your newsroom can also be displayed inside your Facebook page as a tab called “Newsroom.” All of this is available without the hassle of logging into your social media.

For additional information, visit or contact Cindy Kurman at NEWSLINE360, 884-639-7360 or by email. NEWSLINE360 news may be followed at

Image Publication | Sun March 25, 2018, 07:00 AM EST

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