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Press Release | Wed June 07, 2017, 03:57 PM EST

  • PitchBoard infographic - How PitchBoard Works.jpg

    PitchBoard infographic - How PitchBoard Works.jpg

  • PitchBoard by NEWSLINE360

    PitchBoard by NEWSLINE360

NEWSLINE360™ has launched its new PitchBoard media pitching product that makes pitching to targeted journalists, bloggers and influencers easy for public relations professionals, companies and entrepreneurs. PitchBoard acts as a personalized hub, allowing them to connect, deliver and receive content tailored to the reporters’ interests by beat and geographic area.

PitchBoard eliminates the need to research and compile costly media distribution lists and email distribution systems. PitchBoard automatically and flawlessly does it.

PitchBoard is easy and inexpensive to use. At only $19.95 per pitch, it’s an affordable solution for any individual, public relations professional or company, and it requires no contract or monthly fee.

Here’s how it works: Simply register, create a PitchBoard, and start pitching. The platform walks you through the process. First, customize your pitch’s subject line, then sell your story idea with a compelling headline, and then add body text and/or bullet points which further explain your ideas.

You also can easily add downloadable supporting material to the pitch, including documents, high-resolution images, video and audio. These files live in the cloud rather than being sent as email attachments, so your pitch will get through to your recipients and not be blocked.

For people who are not familiar with pitching stories to the media, NEWSLINE360 provides tips on how to create the most effective story pitches.

Once the pitch is complete, simply publish it and the pitch is delivered via email notification to journalists, bloggers and influencers whose beat or interest matches the pitch’s subject and geographic area.

Journalists may register to receive pitches through the NEWSLINE360 Media Desk, currently boasting more than 30,000 journalists throughout North America.

In addition to news professionals who receive the pitch directly, the pitch is automatically added to NEWSLINE360’s searchable Media Desk—which incorporates all news posts from NEWSLINE360 online newsrooms as well as PitchBoard. Media professionals who have signed up for a no-cost subscription to NEWSLINE360’s MediaDesk will be able to find the pitch via MediaDesk’s search function.

“For years, public relations professionals have been investing a lot of time and money in developing media contacts. Identifying and reaching the appropriate contacts to pitch is a daunting task for people who are not familiar with the process or don’t have the budget to subscribe to databases,” says Cindy Kurman, Chief Operating Officer of NEWSLINE360.

“PR professionals, companies, associations and individuals with a good story to tell can now pitch the appropriate journalists,” she said.

Businesses and organizations who subscribe to NEWSLINE360’s online newsroom and content marketing platform receive four complimentary pitches per month, and they can compose and manage their pitches through their Newsroom Manager dashboard.

Why PitchBoard?

“PitchBoard was a natural progression for NEWSLINE360, one of few platforms that permit companies and individuals to easily create an affordable newsroom that combines media relations, social media and content, and connects their content to journalists and consumers,” said Lee Barrie, NEWSLINE360’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We understand that story pitching is an essential part of reaching the media, and so we’ve made sure that the process is smooth.”

Gaining attention from the press and getting published in industry publications is one way to build your company’s brand, increase your visible expertise, improve your credibility, and win more new business. However, getting the attention of editors and writers is not easy, as thousands of other public relations professionals are competing for editorial attention. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, editorial voices are outnumbered by public relations professionals by almost 5:1. At some top-tier publications, journalists see 26,000 pitches per year – out of a total of 38,000 emails.

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About NEWSLINE360™

NEWSLINE360 is a content marketing platform that permits companies and individuals to easily create an affordable newsroom combining media relations, social media and content, and connecting content to journalists and consumers.

NEWSLINE360 empowers businesses and their agencies with the tools needed to gain exposure while maintaining their brand message. Every time news is published in the NEWSLINE360 platform—a press release, article, blog post, image, video, audio or document—it is delivered directly to journalists, consumers and other subscribers, and made available to search engines, increasing your online presence.

NEWSLINE360’s JAQ (Journalists Asking Questions) feature gives interested journalists the ability to query newsroom contacts privately, easily and with great flexibility. This friendly and productive dialogue will help ensure a stable relationship between your organization and the media.

NEWSLINE360’s new PitchBoard function gives newsroom owners the ability to directly pitch journalists by beat and geographic area.

When your business is featured in the media, NEWSLINE360 users can easily share the story to their newsroom’s “In the News” section, and post to social channels so your audience can read it and share.

To reach your customers and influencers, NEWSLINE360 is fully integrated—to and from—social media.

You can automatically update your company's social media channels from within your newsroom. Your company’s social media feeds also are beautifully displayed in your newsroom. Your online newsroom also integrates with Facebook, giving you the option to feature your entire newsroom inside your company's Facebook page as a tab called “Newsroom.” Once you’ve linked your social media accounts to your newsroom using the Newsroom Manager, all of your newsroom posts can be posted instantaneously (posts also can be pre-scheduled) directly to your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest) without having to change platforms.

For additional information, visit or contact NEWSLINE360 at 884-639-7360 or by email. NEWSLINE360 news may be followed at


Press Release | Wed June 07, 2017, 03:57 PM EST

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