Newsroom Manager's Guide


Once you have completed filling in the information in the five tabs comprising the Newsroom Settings page, you are ready to add your default Media Contacts for your newsroom. These are the people whom the media should contact if they want more information or want to arrange a story, interview and so on.
The default Media Contacts are those spokespeople who will be the general points of contact for the media.  But your list of media contacts can grow; you can add to your list of Media Contacts at any time, and you can choose people other than your default media contacts, to be the contacts for any given release or newsroom post.
What is most important is that you and your company should determine, before you actually publish a post, who the correct contact people should be for that particular post. Journalists will appreciate that the media contacts listed for the post are the people who know most about its content.
To configure your media contacts, click on the Contacts action link in your Newsroom Manager’s main menu, on the right side of the menu bar (see Figure 16).

Figure 16.
Note that you can choose to see a list of contacts you’ve already entered (you then can edit or remove them from the list), or you can choose to add a new contact. To start, choose Add New Contact. The Add Contact window will appear (see Figure 17).

Figure 17.
In the Add Contact window, there are several fields that you can fill in for each contact.
The first field allows you to add a photo of the contact person. If you click the Featured Contact checkbox on the lower left of this window, this contact will be displayed on the home page of your newsroom. The photo should be a headshot that is 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. If you don’t have a photo when you create this contact, you can go back later to add the photo if you wish (a photo is not required).
The fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in. We recommend that you fill in only the information that the contact wishes to share. For example some contacts may want to be contacted via Skype or Google+ while others may not. A contact may want journalists to visit his or her Facebook or LinkedIn page. Other contacts may only want to share minimal information. As newsroom manager, you should be diligent in determining what information works for your business and for your individual contacts.
Also, keep in mind that some information, such as position and hours available, may help journalists determine which contact person will be most useful in getting additional information for the story they are working on, or when to best arrange for a time to contact that person.
After you have filled in the appropriate information for your first media contact, click the Save Contact button on the lower left portion of the Add Contact window. You can then go back and add your next media contact. You will be able to add media contacts to your newsrooms at any time and there is no limit to the number of media contacts you can add to your list.
Later, if you wish to edit or remove a contact, you can choose List Contacts from the menu and from there you’ll be able to select a contact to edit or remove (Figure 18).

Figure 18.