Newsroom Manager's Guide


Another excellent feature of NEWSLINE360 is that your newsroom can appear to be part of your company’s regular website, even though it is hosted by NEWSLINE360.
To connect your newsroom to your company website, you’ll need to go to the Newsroom Manager Home Page (Figure 70).

Figure 70.
At the lower left of the page, you’ll see a section called My Newsroom Badge. There you’ll see the NEWSLINE360 View Our Newsroom badge and below that, the Show/Hide Badge Code field.
Notice that if you click the badge, you will be taken to your newsroom.
When you created your newsroom, NEWSLINE360 automatically created a badge code for your newsroom.  When you click on the Show/Hide Badge Code field, you will either be shown this code, or if you can already see it, it will be hidden when you click.
Your company’s website developers can use the code to connect the newsroom to the website.
Here’s what you should do:
  • Click the Show/Hide Badge Code until you can see the code. Select all of the code with your mouse and copy it. Paste it into an email and send it to your company’s webmaster (whoever is in charge of the company website), with the explanation that follows:
  • Tell your webmaster that this code is HTML code that can be added by the website developers to whatever page on your company website that you want website visitors to see the NEWSLINE360 badge. Clicking on this will take them to the newsroom.
  • When this HTML code is added, it will automatically show up as the badge icon (graphic). Clicking on it will bring whoever clicks on it to your newsroom.
TIP: If you want the newsroom badge to be accessible on your website’s banner, meaning that it can be accessed no matter which page of the website your visitor is on, you should tell your website developers to place the code on the appropriate place in the banner.
If you want to have your newsroom be available via a tab or as a navigation menu item on your website, your website developer should create a new tab or new menu item on the website. Then the developer than create a hyperlink to the newsroom using the newsroom’s URL, for example, or by inserting the badge code so that the badge will be on the new website tab or menu item.
We are available to provide guidance on the use of the badge code, so if you need more explanation, please contact the NEWSINE360 support team.