Newsroom Manager's Guide


The first thing you’ll need to do as a newsroom manager is create an account (if you have already created an account, you can simply log in). Using your browser (we believe that Mozilla Firefox will work best with Newsline360), navigate to At the top right, you’ll see the Member Login button and the Register Now button (Figure 1). If you would like to login using the account you already set up, simply click the Member Login button. If you would like to create a new account, click the Register Now button.

 Figure 1


When you click the Member Login button, your account login page will appear (Figure 2, below). Type in the email address you used when you registered and the password. As a newsroom manager, you don’t want to login using Facebook, Twitter or Google. Newsroom followers may want to do so, but as a newsroom manager, you need to use your official account login.

Figure 2


Once you’ve typed in your login and password, you will be taken to your Member’s Dashboard (Figure 3). You will see that there is a message telling you that your profile is incomplete. You should start by adding information to your member profile. After that you will begin to create a newsroom. For now, fill in the information for your member profile.
You’ll notice that on the left side of your browser window you will see an action link called Profile Settings.

Figure 3

Click on that button, and you will be taken to the Profile Settings page (Figure 4):

Figure 4.
You should fill in, at minimum, all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Then press the Save Profile button on the lower left of your window. You will be returned to the Profile Settings page, where you can add any information you didn’t include before. Once you have updated all information and clicked the Save Profile button, you should return to your dashboard by clicking the Dashboard menu item located at the upper left of the Profile Settings page.