Newsroom Manager's Guide


We’ve saved this really cool feature as the last-but-not-least topic to cover: Integration of Social Media into your newsroom.
You might recall that when you set up your Company Profile to create your newsroom, you may have filled in the URLs for you company’s social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
The good news is that your social media feeds from these sites are automatically displayed on your newsroom. We think this is very cool! Journalists and your newsroom followers will appreciate being able to see your social media feeds directly from your newsroom.
To see this in action, log into your NEWSLINE360 account. You will be taken to your Member’s Dashboard Page. Look to the right side of the page, where you see My Newsrooms. Your newsroom will be listed underneath, with two action links, View and Manage. Click on the View action link and your browser will bring up a window with a preview of your newsroom, as it would look like to your followers.
If you’re already working within your Newsroom Manager, simply go to a page where you can click the Preview Newsroom button. Click that and you will open up a preview window.
At the top navigation bar, you’ll see a menu called Social Media Feeds. Click on this menu and you’ll be taken to the Social Media Feeds window. There, magically, you’ll see your latest social media posts, arranged in a “mosaic.” At the top of the mosaic, you’ll see icons for each of the social media sites that are included in your feed, plus a NEWSLINE360 “N” icon.
If you click the NEWSLINE360 “N” icon, you’ll see the feeds from all of the social media sites to which you’ve linked your newsroom. If you click on the Facebook icon, you’ll only see the Facebook feed. If you click on the Twitter icon, you’ll see only the Twitter feed, and so on.


In the future we will be implementing a process through which you can configure your newsroom to automatically send your published news and information directly into your social media sites.
This will save your social media staff a great deal of time, because when you manage your news and information content through NEWSLINE360, you won’t have to repeat the process within Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
This automatic send of your NEWSLINE360 content to your social media sites will be optional, and if you choose to use it, we believe it will be very useful.
We’ll be sure to keep you posted when this new feature is ready for you to use.