Newsroom Manager's Guide


​Welcome to NEWSLINE360! This Newsroom Manager’s Manual will help you become familiar with the excellent tools available to you. Our goal is to give you, as a newsroom manager, a head start in working with the features and capabilities of this robust platform.
We’re confident that you’ll find NEWSLINE360 easy and intuitive to use. As with any fully-featured program, there are things you will need to learn, but once you’ve created your account profile and posted and published content following the step-by-by step instructions in this Manual, working with NEWSLINE360 will quickly become second nature to you.
Don’t worry if you’re not a “technical” person; NEWSLINE360 was designed to be used by business owners and communications professionals, not computer geeks or code warriors. We’ve left that kind of work to our dedicated and talented software development team.
So, if you’re ready, let the NEWSLINE36O online newsroom journey begin!