Newsroom Manager's Guide


It’s great that you can upload many images, videos, documents and audio files to your Media Bank, but soon you will discover your Media Bank getting unruly. It’s important that you to be able to organize your media files, and so NEWSLINE360 includes the ability to create and manage custom folders.
Within your Newsroom Manager, you will find various ways to create and manage folders. For now, let’s go back and start at the beginning of this process: the Media Bank menu.
You might remember that when you go to your Media Bank menu at the top of your Newsroom Manager, there are five sub-choices: Image Bank, Document Bank, Video Bank, Audio Bank, and Manage Folders (Figure 31).

Figure 31.
Click on Manage Folders. The Folder Manager window will appear (Figure 32).

Figure 32.
On the left, under Your Newsroom Folders, you’ll notice that it says you haven’t created any folders yet. Once you have created them, they will be listed under Your Newsroom Folders. Actually, there is one folder, called “Home” created by NEWSLINE360 as a default folder. Anything you add to your Media Bank without designating a custom folder as its destination will be found in your “Home” folder. You can move items out of your “Home” folder into another folder, but you can’t delete the “Home” folder.
Let’s create a new folder. Type in the name of a custom folder.
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind the following rule: You can’t put a word space in a folder name; you must connect words with a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_). For example, if you wanted to create a folder called “Apple folder”, you should type in “Apple-folder” or “Apple_folder” (you don’t need to type in the quote marks).
Once you’ve typed in the name of your folder, click the Create Folder button. Your Folder Manager window will confirm that the folder was created successfully, or it will tell you to fix the name according the above rule. Figure 33 shows that the folder “Apple_folder” was created successfully and it is now listed under Your Newsroom Folders.

Figure 33.
If you click on Folder Info icon to the right of the folder name, a window will popup showing you a summary of the contents of that folder (Figure 34).

Figure 34.

‚ÄčNotice another great feature of NEWSLINE360: When you create a new folder, It automatically creates subfolders of the same name in the Image Bank, Video Bank, Audio Bank and Document Bank. They are there, ready for you to use to organize your files, no matter what kind of file you are working with.
You can now create another new folder by typing in the new folder name. We’ll use “Orange_folder” as an example. In Figure 31, you’ll see that both folders are listed. Simply click on the Folder Info icon to the right of any folder name to see its contents.
You should also notice that there is a trash icon to the right of the Folder Info icon. You will use this to delete a folder and its contents. But be careful, you will not only remove the folder, but its contents. If you want to keep the contents without the folder, you must first move the file(s) to another folder, then delete the folder you want to remove.
As you work with the Newsroom Manager, you will see that there are various windows in which you will see a Manage Folders button. You will always manage your folders in the same way, any time you click the Manage Folders button.
The folder management feature of NEWSLINE360 will help keep you organized, so please take advantage of it!