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Photo Expert isn't the biggest store in the world but we've been around 40 years so we must be doing something right. In fact, we keep winning national awards for our sales and service! 

We are an authorized Professional Products Dealer for Canon and Nikon and we carry a wide variety of product from each manufacturer. Our staff are experienced and friendly and don't sell anything but items related to photography. No toasters, no microwaves! Our lab is top notch too and we print from wallet size to 52 inches by whatever. Feel free to email us for a quote or with a query. We'd be delighted to hear from you!

In 1975, my wife Brenda and I opened our first photo store in Chilliwack. We had no additional employees and operated out of 500 square feet. Since then we have moved to Delta (1985), added 14 staff members and now operate out of 3100 square feet. My son Brad and his wife Marcia have added their talents and work ethic to the mix and we run one terrific photo store. Our goals in 1975 were to provide superior customer service and good honest value. Given we're still around all these years later we must be doing something right! We appreciate our customer's patronage and it shows.

People wonder how we survive competing against the giant retailers of the world. It's easy. Work long hours, provide great service, know your customers by name, ensure superb quality, offer a wide range of products, keep technologically up to date, carry the best brands and sell at low prices. It's also a good idea to belong to a large buying group (we do). This allows us to buy like a big guy and provide the service of an owner. If you like to shop a store where ethics and service are values dearly held welcome!

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Address / Location: 7131 120th St
Delta , BC , V4E 2A9 , Canada
Phone: 604.591.8833
Fax: 604.591.8837
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