Refund Policy

NEWSLINE360™ will issue partial refunds for hosting time that has not already been used. will not refund monies for services already used under any circumstance unless we are unable to provide the service or product we advertise. will not host any newsroom if we identify it as being a part of the following industries; casino/gambling, sports betting, e-cigarettes or tobacco, unaccredited pharmacies, pornographic or sexually explicit industry materials, sexual enhancement, illegal activity.   If a newsroom is identified to be related to any of these industries, Think Ink Media Inc. reserves the right to close down a newsroom without warning and with no refund offered.  

Think Ink Media Inc. and have the right to remove any publications, at any time, without notification or refund of monies previously paid. Examples may include, but not limited to, notification from search engines for content warning and external parties for incorrect information.

If you purchase an annual subscription and cancel your subscription prior to renewal, your subscription will be treated as a ‘full monthly paid’ subscription, minus time hosted.

Example Annual Refund:

Jan 1 – You purchase an annual Bronze Package subscription for $790.  At the end of May, you decide to cancel your subscription. You have used 5 months.  Your refund would be the difference of $790 that you paid, minus ($79 x 5 months = $395) = $395.  If you cancel in the 11th or 12th month of your subscription, you do not owe for this time, your subscription is just cancelled.  

If you cancel a monthly recurring subscription and have used 15 or more days in the 30 days of your subscription, no refund is available. If you have used under 15 days of your subscription, a refund of 50% of the monthly recurring billing will be issued. 

For refunds, please contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page at: