Robotics and Drones

We design, manufacture and market consumer products — including recreational and commercial drones, smart wearables and innovative mobile accessories for smartphone and camera users. We try to identify opportunities where users can benefit from new technology, identify the gaps and areas that can be simplified and enhanced, and develop these opportunities into products. Since 2012, we have sold and shipped over 1.7 million units of our products to consumers worldwide.

At Mota, we always create new exciting experiences that directly resonate with consumers’ ever-changing needs. Our passion for technology, innovation, and human fulfillment drives us to the forefront of global marketplace. Mota is dedicated to offering a better world through its’ diverse products covering wearable technology, portable power, sound and video, integrated appliances, computing, personal care, and mobile accessories.
Mota’s portfolio of global consumer brands includes Mota, Tamo, JetJat, Giga, Pico, ProLive, Jojo, Lily Signature. Mota currently operates in three continents and its products are sold in more than 100 countries.

Since our founding in 2003, our vision has been to give consumers highly desirable products that are useful and priced for mass-market adoption. With our award-winning design team at our Silicon Valley headquarters and our own factory we can quickly deliver the newest high-tech consumer electronics in high volumes and affordable price points anywhere in the world.

Our current product focus is drones for consumer and commercial use.

Drones are better, cheaper, and safer than manned aircraft. They monitor hard-to-reach property and infrastructure, find lost people, deliver things to nearby and remote places, and, soon, will be aerial taxis for people.

Market researchers have documented an impressive array of drone applications now and to come. In 2016, Goldman Sachs forecast a $38 billion drone market by 2020, of which $21 billion are commercial drones and $3.3 billion for consumer drones.

We’re leveraging two of the world’s hottest technologies for drones: artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain promise to extend the markets for drones by orders of magnitude. Blockchain is a highly secure distributed virtual ledger. Imagine your financial records broken into virtual chunks in the cloud, scattered across multiple servers, yet completely accessible to you and you alone in an instant. Now imagine artificial intelligence, enabling drones to adapt autonomously to new situations—not just avoiding obstacles or maintaining course like a driverless car—but seeing and thinking.

We see a future with decentralized drone operations, drones able to act together. Hundreds of thousands of virtual eyes in the sky in one area or region acting together or independently, their data, the things see and measure, beyond the reach of unauthorized people. Blockchain and AI enabling them to verify what they see so they can understand, and change what they do.

We know drones better than anyone. We have introduced award winning, highly innovative and best-selling drones for consumers and commercial applications, we helped create the first industry standard for drones, and we’re on an FAA committee for how drones are used.

We’ve won industry recognition from MarketWatch, Fox News, Bloomberg News, The New York Times, the BBC, and many more major news media as well as from drone and technology press.

In North America, we partner with major distributors and our products are carried by most of the top retail outlets, including Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, GovX, PROVANTAGE, Staples, and Walmart, Wellbots, as well as by leading specialty stores.

Company Information

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