Why Blockchain for Drones


Article | Fri September 14, 2018, 01:52 PM EST

September 14, 2018 -- “Cryptocurrencies are a bubble, but blockchain is the future: analysts”―South China Morning Post

You may have come across “blockchain” for the first time while reading/listening/watching something about bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has made a lot of buzz in recent times.

Blockchain is the basis technology on which bitcoin works. But it’s also a cool new tool for drones to guaranteeing the integrity of drone data.

Blockchain brings data verification to drone flight

What blockchain brings to drone flight is verification of when and where data are captured in real time.

Drone data will be used to prove contract compliance and ensure project deadlines are met. The accuracy and timeliness of data may be linked to financial rewards and penalties. That’s where blockchain excels. It’s already in use to verify complex, high-risk supply chains such as the manufacture of human pharmaceuticals and production of baby formula.

In the near future, commercial drone flights will scale up dramatically. We see a future with large-scale drone operations—hundreds or thousands of virtual eyes in the sky. Blockchain is a way of guaranteeing the integrity of supply chains, including that of drone data.

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Article | Fri September 14, 2018, 01:52 PM EST

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