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"New York City Horror Film Festival Premiere Screening for the feature film D-Railed" - Arrivals Part 3

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Article | Sun December 09, 2018, 03:28 PM EST

  • Brittany Saal

    Brittany Saal

  • Giovannie Espiritu

    Giovannie Espiritu

  • Shae Smolik

    Shae Smolik

  • Catherine Healy

    Catherine Healy

  • Mia Christou

    Mia Christou

  • Leticia LaBelle

    Leticia LaBelle

  • Alexis Safoyan

    Alexis Safoyan

December 09, 2018 -- A woman boards a train that derails into a lake in the middle of the night. She, along with other surviving passengers find themselves trapped within the sinking wreckage. They discover what lies beneath the surface is far more terrifying as they fight to stay alive against a deadly predator determined to kill them one by one.

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Article | Sun December 09, 2018, 03:28 PM EST

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