Ullman’s Brand Moves into the Twenty-First Century

Ullman-Devices has re-tooled its brandmark and structure!

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Press Release | Mon October 15, 2018, 12:50 PM EST

Chicago, IL. (Sept. 20, 2018) – Ullman Devices has long been one of the Nation’s top specialty tool manufacturers supplying several industries with unique solutions that simplify often very complex situations in the repair process. They have been regularly heralded as one of the best design manufacturer companies in the industry since their inception back in 1935. They offer a wide variety of specialty devices to various repair industries.

The Ullman Devices brand had been in existence for more than 80 years, and while there was some argument to be made for its legacy, the time has come to move the brand forward into the twenty-first century.

The sweeping serif script font had a circa 1960 California funny car feel to it that was no longer resonating with their consumer demographic. Ullman Marketing Manager Mike Barthel commented, “ We needed to look at bringing our brand into the 21st century and helping it to appeal to a broader-based consumer group.” This brand definitely needed to portray a contemporary look and feel that would be steeped in a rich history of industry experience and excellence in engineering. The new structure is simple, straightforward, direct and to the point. “We weren’t looking for fluff here but rather a true consistent treatment that can be trusted,” said Ullman President Doug Spitler. This new mark needed to have an air of authority about it that will transcend from digital, to print, to packaging.

In the Specialty Tools vertical, nobody has really ever owned this space from the perspective of a well-positioned, designed, cohesive, contemporary brand platform. An opportunity existed to redefine this space with the implementation of a truly cohesive, brand-centric, consumer experience. This brand new look and feel for Ullman will help strengthen their position as the leader in their categories.

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Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Ridgefield, Connecticut, Ullman Devices is an award-winning, national design manufacturer of specialty devices used across the country. Ullman’s product line has allowed its customer base to augment their existing tool selection which in turn affords them the opportunity to work smarter, faster, and be more profitable. 


Press Release | Mon October 15, 2018, 12:50 PM EST

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